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Many of the artwork files we receive require adjustment before they can be used for screen printing, some need to be re-created altogether. These guidelines are suggestions to help you avoid additional art charges and/or an extended turn around time.

Screen Printing

Vector Artwork is preferred

Vector artwork is an image created of points and paths. This results in artwork that is editable, scalable and easily utilized for spot color printing. The mathematically generated paths are perfect for screen printing. Be careful, these types of files can contain placed raster art, especially PDFs. Remember to outline your fonts and embed any linked files. If you had your artwork created by a third party, in most situations, they can provide vector artwork that you paid for.

Acceptable Vector Formats

  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .eps (Encapsulated Postscript)
  • .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • .pdf (Portable Document Format)

Raster Vs. Vector (edge definition)

raster vs vector

Raster Artwork can be accepted.

Raster artwork is an image made of pixels, like on a computer screen. This is artwork that cannot be scaled and will need to be recreated or broken down into a multi-color separation. If you are relying on raster artwork, it needs to be 300 dpi at the desired print size. Please include layers if possible. It is best to have a clear background as opposed to white or another color. Increasing the size of already generated artwork will not add to the clarity of the image. This will allow the artist to recreate the design as faithfully as possible.

•However, Raster art is acceptable for DTG printing because it uses a different technique to generate images

Acceptable Raster Formats

  • .tiff (Tagged Image File Format)
  • .psd (Adobe Photoshop)
  • .png (Portable Network Graphics)
  • .jpg files are NOT acceptable

-please include layers if possible
-300 dpi art at desired print size
-clear background on flat images

Raster Image Settings Print Size/ 300 DPI

Raster Image Settings


Embroidery machines use specialized files to produce the designs. The are digitized files. If you have digitized files, your art can go straight to the machine.

Acceptable Embroidery File Types

  • .pxf
  • .dst
  • .pun

Don’t have those?

We can digitize your art with pricing based on the size and stitch count. This is a one-time fee, as once you get your art digitized, you can use it indefinitely. You can submit your art in vector format or a high resolution image at the desired size. The better art we get, the better the end result.  

Embroidery Guidelines

  • For all text, the minimum recommended height is 1/4″.  
  • Once digitized, the art cannot be manipulated, except for about a 10% size increase or decrease.

Art Submission Tips

•Specify all art positions and sizes when you order.

•Before production, you will receive a digital proof of your artwork’s positioning, size and color breakdown. This proof is your final look at artwork before entering production and must be approved and e-mailed back in a timely manner to maintain your proposed timeline.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 937-315-1199 and we can get you on the right path.

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